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Gender roles are socially constructed. The way women should act and dress, as well as how men should behave, was established long ago.

Fashion is one of the biggest ways of assigning gender. But, because now we have more freedom to expose our desires, style, have more space for conversations about sexuality and gender identification, the genderless fashion topic has been more constant.

A great promise for the future of fashion is the breaking of the division between feminine and masculine. So that we can use it even more as a representation of ourselves, than a label imposed by society.

The truth is that these pre-established definitions of how men or women should behave have fallen apart. Fluidity and freedom have become words of war when the topic is fashion. 

Therefore, genderless fashion is nothing more than the freedom of people to choose how they want to dress. It is not an adaptation of designers and brands to make clothes with a straight cut and unisex. Quite the opposite! It’s the possibility of giving consumers the chance to choose what kind of clothes they want to wear, either in the boy’s or girls’ session. 

What is One-Of-A-Kind Fashion?

As the name suggests, one-of-a-kind fashion follows the principle of creating an item of clothing that is completely unique and has not been replicated in mass batches. These are items that are usually only available in single quantities, and have a more artistic than commercial approach to design.

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